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Mon Sep-26-05 08:52 PM
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Screw the Machines!!!--A Pure Paper Election Model--Make it Better!!!

Edited on Mon Sep-26-05 09:15 PM by autorank

This is my very best thinking. Read the whole thing, if you care to, and make it better. Screw the machines and the "networks" and the behind the scenes stuff.

1) Free and fair elections, transparent and open to all.

a) Motor voter registration
b) Other easy access registrations
c) Any ID will do that has a picture or is deemed appropriate.
d) No "new" ID's, no voter ID's
e) Early voting starting the Saturday and Sunday prior to the constitutionally mandated date all over the country.
f) Elections administered by non-elected officials supervised by independent auditors (as in multiple auditors).

2) To meet that goal, there is a simple solution:

a) Paper ballots marked with a stamp in a closed voting booth.
b) Hand counts of paper ballots by volunteers without a strongly identifiable partisan bias; with partisan representatives looking on.
c) Public announcements of precinct total published in a variety of media (including the internet).
d) Public transmittal of the announced results to tabulation center(s).
e) Visible presentation of the results received at the central tabulator facility via television, the internet, etc. with a check by each precinct and party precinct representatives.
f) Totals that everyone can live with, verify, and know occurred.
g) Preservation of the ballots indefinitely in appropriately monitored facilities.
h) The use of symbols or pictures for those who can't read and the ready availability of those ballots and the use of voting machines to accommodate the handicapped (we certainly have enough now.

No levers, no punch cards, no scan tron ballots, no DRE's, no mediation at all...just paper, an ink stamp, and a private place.

3) General political awareness through public awareness of the need for change NOW including the use of any and all available means to raise that consciousness.

4) Specific political awareness of the fact that election fraud in 2000 was a race crime ("felons" list) and resulted in a stolen election and that it's been a race crime as long as we've had "spoilage" and continues to be one right through Ohio. It's not exclusively a race crime by any means but it is primarily. The use of any and all available means to make this point.

5) Support of all types of election monitoring including: private foundations or other forums to evaluate elections, equipment, etc.; political parties or non partisan groups to implement audits; exit polls designed to catch fraud (although the paper ballot process, with full participation would make this an after thought.

6) A recognition that voting rights is a potent issue that crosses the political spectrum.